We Solved the Age-old Learner Engagement Problem. Really.

ICOG - 22-Sep-2021

Disengaged learners cost you $$$$.

The carrot and stick method - mandating learners to consume content and receive assessment scores that ultimately amount to nothing - doesn’t work anymore.

And here’s the deal. Learners want to be engaged in learning. They want to be in control of their career path and shape it by continuously gaining skills and building competencies.

If they are willing to learn, why don’t they? That’s the obvious next question.

Here are a few reasons why learners in your organizations might be disinterested and disengaged from learning.

The Learning Content is Boring

Who jumps at the chance to consume a 16-hour video course about behavioral skills broken down into hour-long videos? Just like gone are the days of 3.5 hour long movies, gone are the days of learning content that can make anyone reach for more coffee.

Learning content today needs to simulate Netflix and then do even better. With micro-learning, content can be broken down into meaningful chunks and consumed by learners on the go.

Further, learners find content boring when they have to consume it for the sake of consuming. However, when they face a direct challenge at work and know that the solution lies somewhere in the content, and they know it’s gonna be easy to scour the content for the answer, they will find it, consume it and apply it.

That process cements learning, making it more effective and meaningful.

Are you forcing your employees to learn skills they can’t practice at work?

Are you structuring content for learning in the flow of work?

There is No Easy Way to Learn

Just as boring content can turn away learners, hard-to-access learning also does the same. Help your learners learn for them to help your organization grow. Create a learning environment that makes it easy for them to consume content anytime and anywhere.

Not only that, tools like automatic video translation, transcription and subtitling and in-video search can also improve the accessibility of the learning material, enhancing the learning experience.

A holistic learning experience across mobile devices, desktops and wearables can also boost learner engagement by eliminating the need to be chained to their desks to learn and upskill.

The Learning is Solitary

The notion that learners want to learn in solitary is obsolete. Encouraging peer-led learning can boost learner engagement. When colleagues recommend, rate and review courses, an individual feels about them differently. They want to hop in.

Introducing social learning can also increase avenues for collaboration, communication as well as a healthy competition between employees, furthering company values and growth.

Do you allow learners to share learning content? 

Do you allow individual learners to view what their peers are learning?

You Don’t Honor Individual Preferences

Does every Tom, Dina and Harry need to learn the same stuff to check off their to-do list? Or do you offer employees the opportunity to create their own career path around what the organization mandates for them?

While each employee needs to master a few competencies to do well at their job, there’s still ample room for proactive learning. This is where organizations can introduce career pathing. Individuals can visualize their career and clearly see competencies that they need to master to reach their desired role in the organization.

Not only that, honoring individual preferences also means hyper-personalizing the learning experience for how each individual prefers to consume content- the content formats they prefer, how frequently they wish to engage in learning and, of course, the kind of content they wish to consume.

Of course, since this level of personalization is not possible manually, you need an LXP that comes with an AI-powered recommendation engine that hyper-personalizes each learner’s feed for their aspirations as well as their role in the organization and takes into account their behavior on the platform to factor into their experience.

They Don’t Know How They’re Doing

When the result of course content consumption is an assessment score sent to your email address, it fails to encourage more learning. However, when a learner can continuously track where they stand in the organization for certain competencies that they’re striving to master, they feel a sense of challenge and accomplishment.

By giving employees insight into this data, organizations can empower them to take charge of their learning and career trajectory. Only an LXP backed by powerful data science can yield such insight into learning data.

How Does ICOG Solve the Learner Engagement Problem?

ICOG allows you to create a learning experience that fuels learners to learn and not the other way around. With continuous learning and upskilling, your organization witnesses growth at an unprecedented pace.

Neither time spent consuming content nor assessment scores, but learner engagement is the right way to assess learning and its impact on your organization. Improved learning engagement can directly result in high performance and high returns on L&D investment.

ICOG enables-

  • Hyper-personalization of the learning experience for each individual

  • Micro-learning to facilitate learning in the flow of work

  • Navigable video content with automatic transcriptions, translations, subtitling and in-video search

  • Social learning to accentuate communication, collaboration and competition that uplifts all

  • Individualized career pathing for proactive learning

  • Individualized analytics and dashboards to encourage healthy competition

  • Continuous, proactive learning that helps an organization thrive

Here’s what Rajiv R Sinha, Corporate HR- Learning & Development, L&T have to say about their experience with ICOG-

What's great about iCOG - it delivers its promise - Engagement, Contextualization of learning, un-interrupted learning on demand and enables coaching one-on-one. We told our workforce to get ready to experience hyper-personalization and for sure we have a multi fold increase in learning, learners engagement and cost savings in content development, thanks to the smart competency based curation and discovery of tacit knowledge.”

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