Personalized Learning: The Key to Employee Engagement

ICOG - 23-Jul-2022

At some point in our careers, most of us have probably sat through training sessions that we wondered why we had to attend. Or we may have wished for more training in some specific area but we know that the organization cannot afford to offer customized training for every employee. However nowadays, organizations can not only afford to do so, but it might actually prove to be more expensive not to provide employees with personalized learning experiences.

We’re seeing a shift away from traditional learning programs that focus on sending employees back to school or structured training courses, toward more informal and ongoing learning that can help employees improve their skills on a continual basis. This shift is driven in part by millennial workers who want to learn at work and on their own time, as well as by employers who are looking for ways to retain talent and differentiate themselves from their competition. 

Employees are no longer content with the same old cookie-cutter training programs that don't apply to their daily jobs, and furthermore, don’t have time to waste when they're already overworked and under pressure from their managers. They want real-time, relevant and hands-on learning experiences that make them better at their jobs and more valuable to their companies.

To bridge this gap between what employees want and what employers provide is one reason why so many companies are turning to personalized learning platforms.


Why should organizations invest in personalized learning technologies?


Sense of Purpose

When employees feel like they are a part of something larger, it creates a sense of purpose and engagement. Employees want to feel like they're working in an environment that recognizes them as individuals and encourages their growth. They want to know that their managers are invested in their professional development, and they want to feel like they're part of a team that's focused on their success. Personalized learning experiences can help create this feeling by providing opportunities for employees to connect their individual goals with the organization's mission. 


Improved Learning

Personalized learning can provide employees with the information they need when they need it, as well as through the medium they prefer – whether it’s text-based or hands-on – which makes it an invaluable tool in improving your company’s employee engagement levels. In essence, personalized learning adapts training to each employee’s personal needs and interests, thereby helping employees learn relevant new skills more quickly and retain information better. 


Collaborative Workforce Culture

Personalized learning can also help improve workplace communication and relationships by fostering a more collaborative environment. As individual learning journeys differ, it lessens direct competition amongst employees and fosters a more cooperative workforce, wherein employees can find mentors in one another. Ultimately, these benefits lead to a positive workforce culture and increased employee engagement.


What is employee engagement and why is it important?

Employee engagement is a measure of how much an employee cares about his or her job. It's also a measure of how likely the employee is to stay with that employer. An engaged employee has a sense of personal investment in his or her company and its mission. He or she feels connected to the organization and its goals, and wants to be there in order to achieve them.


Here are some ways you can use personalized learning to engage your employees:

Create individualized goals for each employee - Take the time to get to know your employees' career goals and how they can develop within your organization. This will help make sure each employee is engaged in the right career path.

Create a learning experience that's relevant for each employee - If you have employees who are highly driven by competition, or those who learn best through critique, then customize your training so that it includes those elements.

Make sure to have the right technology in place - Invest in a platform that can offer multiple formats of content to cater to the diverse needs of your employees, as well as provide valuable insights into their learning journeys so you can make the right decisions for your employees’ and your organization’s success.


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