Increase Employee Engagement with an Innovative Learning Experience Platform

ICOG - 28-Apr-2022

Employee engagement means that employees have a sense of purpose, desire and commitment in doing their jobs. Increasing employee engagement leads to higher productivity and ultimately a better bottom line. Of course, engaging employees goes beyond simply increasing employee satisfaction. 

You must motivate your employees to go above and beyond what is required of them. So it’s safe to say that if an organization is able to successfully engage their employees, then they can easily retain them. That’s a win-win situation. But how do you take employee engagement to the next level?


How can organizations engage their employees?

Studies show that many employees do not feel valued in their current role, leading to a disengaged workforce. This is especially true when employees do not have opportunities for learning and development (L&D). 

Organizations must find ways to ensure their employees feel valued and respected. This can be achieved by empowering them to do their jobs with a sense of autonomy and allowing them to share their ideas. Another great way to achieve a high level of engagement is to provide employees with opportunities for career growth. This can be easily achieved by investing in a learning experience platform tailored to meet your organization’s unique L&D needs.


How does a learning experience platform increase employee engagement?

An innovative learning experience platform, like the one developed by ICOG, enables organizations to provide employees with the opportunity to achieve career growth and upskilling.  Every employee is different, and therefore, you cannot offer them cookie-cutter learning experiences. That is why you must engage your employees from day one and ensure they know you are providing them with not only L&D opportunities, but the tools and resources they need to achieve career mobility.

To ensure your employees are engaged through the right learning experience, you must employ a learning experience platform that takes the following into account…


  • How each employee wants to learn. Some people enjoy reading while others prefer listening to their content. And nowadays, there is an even higher preference for watching content. This is why ICOG’s LXP asks each learner to choose their preference of text, audio or video content when building their personalized learning experience..


  • When each employee wants to learn. Some people absorb knowledge better in the morning hours, while others need a few cups of coffee before they are in a learning mindset. Your LXP must ask learners to choose whether they prefer the morning, afternoon or evening hours for learning. ICOG’s LXP ensures that learners are prompted with relevant content during their chosen learning time.


  • What each employee would like to learn.  While organizations typically offer mandatory courses and content for L&D, each employee should have the opportunity to choose what they would like to learn beyond that. This allows employees to work towards their own career goals. ICOG’s LXP gives organizations the ability to view the content each learning is accessing to make more informed decisions about hiring for new roles.

But how do you keep employees engaged to learn once they’ve been onboarded with your learning experience platform? That’s where gamification makes an appearance in the learning experience. 

Innovative LXPs, like ICOG,  provide badges, leaderboards, and other rewards for being active learners. Picture this - a few months down the line, with the same set of employees, your organization will have achieved a more elevated skill and knowledge level, and your employees will continue to raise each other’s level. This will provide a truly engaging learning experience for your workforce. 

At ICOG, we understand that providing a personalized learning experience for every employee is necessary to increase engagement. Leveraging our innovative learning experience platform is a modern approach to driving employee upskilling and further engaging your workforce. Request custom pricing to discover how we can build the perfect learning platform for your organization. 


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