Implement a Learning Experience Platform to Enahnce Talent Transformation

ICOG - 24-Mar-2022

Everyone is aware of the most significant economic trend we’ve had in recent times, the Great Resignation. As a result, most organizations are dealing with major talent shortages. 

According to the Talent Transformation Global Impact Report, 59% of organizations have been negatively affected by the talent shortage. At the outset, it may seem like the solution would be to simply hire new people. However, there needs to be ample availability of the right candidates, and the above Report noted that 56% of organizations couldn’t find new employees with the required levels of experience. 

Instead of looking for external candidates, organizations need to realize the importance of improving internal mobility. By developing their current employees organizations can tackle these shortages in a more sustainable manner. 


How to Transform Your Existing Talent

Based on Aon’s 2020 Talent Transformation Study, successful talent transformation can be achieved by prioritizing three areas:

  1. Shape job architectures to enable agile career paths
  2. Assess behaviors to prepare talent for a digital mindset
  3. Guide talent for success in current and future roles

In essence, talent transformation is about harnessing the potential of existing talent to fill in the talent gaps in an organization that are in line with the organization’s strategic goals. Many organizations do not realize that a lot of their talent gaps could be successfully filled by their existing talent because the management does not possess the required information about the skill sets and capabilities of their employees. It is akin to wearing blinders to view an employee based on the job he or she was hired for - rather it is time to view employees based on the human potential for learning.


Focus on Digital Skills and Continuous Upskilling with an Innovative Learning Experience Platform

A huge aspect of talent transformation must also focus on skilling employees with the appropriate digital skills as the economy is becoming increasingly tech-dependent. Choosing a robust learning experience platform, like ICOG, can easily provide the necessary content to transform your current talent. 

Not only will your employees experience much needed development for the business needs of today; with its constantly updated content libraries, ICOG will continually provide opportunities for your employees to keep upskilling based on future skill requirements.

This is critical as the book ‘A New Culture of Learning’ grimly notes that the half-life of skills has reduced to about 5 years. Furthemore, ICOG offers personalized learning for your diverse employees, so it ensures everyone’s learning needs are met based on their individual preferences.

Another equally important aspect of talent transformation is to be able to track the transformation, and ICOG provides the necessary tools for that as well. Constant tracking can help management see if the organization is on the right path, and can intervene as and when required, depending on changing circumstances. The value and benefits of talent transformation are not as intangible as they may seem, and ICOG provides insightful metrics to view meaningful results.


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