ICOG at DevLearn- What’s in Store for Trainers and Training Companies

ICOG - 18-Oct-2021

ICOG will be there at DevLearn in Las Vegas, NV between Oct 20-22 this year. 

Come meet us at booth 719.

ICOG will come bearing gifts for trainers and training companies that want to digitally and radically transform how they deliver learning.

Introducing LifeLongLearning by ICOG.

Is any of this true for your training company or consultancy?

  • In-classroom training is your thing, but you feel the looming fear- it’s all getting modern and advanced. You find it hard to sell your services because you have not yet modernized learning for your clients. You feel left behind.

  • You essentially have 15 people supporting a business that caters to 50+ clients. How can you digitize learning and make it more accessible, available and reusable?

  • You find it increasingly hard to differentiate yourselves in the market amid all the competitors who seem to be moving farther ahead of you each day.

  • Your trainers seem to be doing the same tasks over and over again and it’s time you took on a more efficient route.

  • You are done with meaningless content creation and want to leverage libraries of content while adding your own in-house expertise as cherry on top.

Enter ICOG’sLifeLongLearning community of trainers and training companies who are ready to SPICE up learning.

  • Scale - Make your business scalable with reusable training content. Create once and monetize content multiple times in various formats to serve diverse organizations.

  • Personalization - Offer hyper-personalized learning experiences with LifeLongLearning by factoring in learner preferences, behaviors and interests.

  • Integrated Libraries - LifeLongLearning comes equipped with a self-hosted content library and easy integration capabilities into other content libraries for intelligent content curation.

  • Competency Taxonomy - LifeLongLearning offers a competency taxonomy that you can extend and evolve for various industries and organizations.

  • Efficiency - Cut back on manual tasks with an enterprise-grade platform with a repeatable training calendar, in-built video conferencing tools and more.

Maximize leverage from training content and digitize your business with LifeLongLearning.

Join us as part of the first cohort of by stopping by our booth at DevLearn 2021 between Oct 20-22 at Las Vegas, NV - Booth 719. 

Exclusive invites to for booth attendees at DevLearn 2021 (booth 719).

Not coming to DevLearn? Write to us at to get your exclusive invite to join the community.


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