ICOG at DevLearn- What’s in Store for CHROs, CLOs, CPOs

ICOG - 19-Oct-2021

ICOG will come bearing gifts at booth 719 for CHROs, CLOs and CPOs who want to digitally and radically transform learning at their organizations at DevLearn in Las Vegas, NV between Oct 20-22 this year.

Introducing LifeLongLearning by ICOG.

Is any of this true for you?

  • You are engaged in either developing and creating content or gathering content libraries knowing full well the content you already have is under-utilized.

  • You follow manual SOPs to deliver learning content and face disinterested learners who would rather return to their task for the day.

  • You create heavy videos to upskill learners, but they barely make it through them & never come back to the content in the flow of work, losing the point of learning.

  • You are racing against the shelf life of skills and falling short time and again.

  • Employee engagement is at an all-time low and disengaged employees have started to bring an entire organization at a halt by not exploring newer competencies.

  • Stakeholders don’t want to invest more into L&D without seeing return on investment. And you have no idea what the numbers are.

Enter LifeLongLearning to SPICE up learning at your organization.

  • Scale - Scale learning with reusable and shareable content. Create content once and build on top of it. Leverage intelligent content curation to save costs.

  • Personalization - Offer hyper-personalized learning experiences with LifeLongLearning by factoring in learner preferences, behaviors and interests.

  • Insights - Derive insights from data collected and processed at the individual, BU and organization level to find and fill gaps in competencies to support digital transformation.

  • Competency Taxonomy - LifeLongLearning offers a competency framework that you can extend and customize for your needs continually to manage shelf life of skills.. 

  • Engagement - Make learning proactive, peer-led and personalized for boosted learner engagement. Empower learners to take ownership of their career path.

Enable cross-functional people-centric initiatives for learning, career pathing and skills analysis with the power of AI and the structure of a competency taxonomy.

Join us as part of the first cohort of LifeLongLearning by stopping by at booth 719 at DevLearn 2021 between Oct 20-22 at Las Vegas, NV. 

Exclusive invites to LifeLongLearning for booth attendees at DevLearn 2021 (booth 719).

Not coming to DevLearn? Write to us at to get your exclusive invite to join the community.


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