How to Spearhead Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Your Organization

ICOG - 29-Jul-2022

DEI is a critical component to building a successful organization. It's essential to create an organizational culture that embraces differences, fosters collaboration and inspires innovation. The best approach is to start with what you have — your employees, their needs and the organization’s goals — and use those as a guide to create a plan that works for everyone.


What is DEI and why is it important to organizations?

DEI, which stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, is the practice of recognizing, respecting and valuing differences. DEI promotes an inclusive environment that recognizes diversity as a competitive advantage, where all employees are valued and treated fairly and with respect.

DEI is important because it helps organizations meet their talent needs by drawing on the widest possible pool of candidates. It helps them find creative solutions to business challenges by tapping into multiple perspectives and ways of thinking. Additionally, it gives employees a sense of belonging, which can increase retention and improve performance.


Benefits of having a DEI positive culture


Better Financial Performance

Having a diverse workforce helps businesses make good decisions and boosts financial results. Research consistently confirms that “socially diverse groups are more innovative and productive than homogeneous groups”.


Attracting Top Talent

Organizations that embrace diversity and inclusion attract top talent from all segments of society including people with disabilities, veterans and immigrants who are often underrepresented in the workplace. This diverse workforce brings new perspectives to the table that can help organizations innovate and grow.


Retaining Talent 

Lowering employee turnover rate is a real challenge facing organizations. DEI efforts can help retain talent as it ensures that employees feel valued by creating an inclusive environment where all employees are treated fairly, regardless of race, gender or other factors. 


Improving Customer Experiences

Building a more diverse workforce translates into reflecting an organization’s customer base. Therefore, organizations are better equipped to offer superior service to their diverse customers. It also helps companies develop products and services that make sense to a broader range of customers.


How to promote DEI at your organization


Incorporate DEI in your L&D strategy

A successful L&D strategy today must incorporate DEI awareness. Using a learning experience platform like ICOG that curates content from a wide range of sources can offer training and courses that cater to a diverse range of employees. In addition, there are also courses that focus on understanding DEI better.


Make it Visible 

DEI initiatives should be visible throughout your organization so employees can see how they're being implemented by sharing examples of how your company supports diversity. 


Seek Feedback from Employees

A good DEI strategy involves collecting feedback from employees about what they want from their organization when it comes to creating a more inclusive environment. A robust learning platform like ICOG is a great medium to collect feedback by using the assessment tool.


Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion at the workplace is an ongoing process, and must be frequently updated with the changing needs of the world. 


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