How LXPs Provide Employees with Personalized Learning

ICOG - 07-Apr-2022

Many learning experience platforms claim to offer personalized learning. But what exactly does that mean? It may sound like HR Tech jargon, and some may think it means having an app greet you by your name or receiving personalized newsletters in your inbox. However, implementing a truly personalized learning experience for employees is much more involved.

Real personalized learning can only be offered by asking the learner the right questions, and then involving data-science and AI to ensure this information is used effectively. 


Why does personalized learning matter?

In this day and age, employees spend a lot of time using technology, and have become accustomed to intuitive programs that  understand what they need. This sense of “personalization” exists because each individual employee is unique.This is especially true for learning and development, as each employee’s  learning style is unique. Therefore their learning journey should be personalized to help them succeed.  


Utilizing a learning experience platform to provide personalized learning

Previous learning experience platforms were created with a one-size-fits-all approach, and catered to the needs of the organization. However, more innovative LXPs, like ICOG, cater to the needs of the learner. Organizations can still mandate courses to be taken by their employees, however studies show that empowering employees to choose what they would like to learn will yield better results.

Personalization also leads to engaged learning by giving employees the power of choice, with learners proactively choosing content that they are interested in. So their personal desire provides them with the motivation to be engaged with the course content. 


How LXPs work to ensure personalized learning 

Personalization allows for customization, so that learning is tailored to each employee’s…


  • Existing knowledge and experience
  • Ability to learn
  • Preference for style of learning
  • Skills that they are interested in developing

It wouldn’t make sense for an employee to waste their time on a communications course if they are already proficient in that skill. However, an employee may  want to work on some technical skills to be eligible for a future promotion. A personalized learning experience will allow each employee to tailor their learning to fit their needs. 

With ICOG, when a learner first accesses their profile, they are asked a set of questions to ensure the learning experience is personalized. Some of the questions asked include: 


  • What time of day they prefer learning
  • How they like to learn (i.e. if they are visual learners or prefer text or audio)
  • What topics are of interest to them
  • What topics have been assigned to them by their organization

Gathering such information allows an LXP to create a personalized learning environment for the learner. This leads to higher L&D performance and increased learner engagement. 

ICOG’s LXP also offers fun dashboards to offer insights into one’s learning as well as one’s peers. So it also helps connect learners with shared interests. Coaches can also play an integral role in ensuring collaborative learning through their courses. Furthermore, ICOG’s dashboard also displays a leaderboard with learners’ learning index - a tool that will foster healthy competition. Sign up with ICOG today and experience how personal learning can get!


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