Encouraging a Corporate Learning Culture with ICOG

ICOG - 16-Jul-2022

Humans are learners from the day we are born. In fact, research shows that learning happens even before that (it’s advised to maintain positive language around expectant mothers). Yet our emphasis on learning seems to end upon graduation. 

Everyone agrees that humans are the most important resource of an organization. This is why it’s important to encourage a learning culture at an organization. If the workforce isn’t continuously learning, then an organization remains stagnant. 

Prioritizing human learning = prioritizing organizational growth. Therefore, organizations must shift their perspectives to start looking at their human resources as ‘learners’ and instill in them a growth mindset.


Benefits of a Learning Culture


Stimulates Problem-solving

Believe it or not, your employees probably have the answers to most of your problems. After all, they interact more closely with your customers than you do. Give them the freedom and the opportunity to voice their opinions and observations, and you will find the solutions you need.


Boosts Organizational Innovation 

As your employees get better by upskilling themselves, the organization as a whole will enjoy the consequences of the cumulative skill growth. By encouraging your employees to share their ideas, your organization will always have a valuable repository of suggestions to fuel innovation. An additional bonus is that when you implement an employee’s idea, you are reassuring them that they’re being heard, leading to a synergistic cycle.


Increases Employee Retention

It takes more than money to retain employees. Employees are looking for fulfillment from their jobs, and the chance for growth in their organization. That’s the reason employees stay longer in organizations that invest in learning and development

How to promote a Learning Culture

eLearning Industry lays out 9 ways to develop a learning culture at your organization:


  1. Make Learning A Core Organizational Value
  2. Develop Personalized Learning Plans
  3. Give Personalized Career Coaching
  4. Lead By Example
  5. Provide The Right Rewards
  6. Have The Right Learning Environment
  7. Encourage Knowledge Sharing
  8. Ingrain Learning In Your Hiring Process
  9. Create A Meaningful Training Program

With ICOG, your organization can achieve all 9 steps in one platform. 

When your organization implements ICOG as your learning platform, you are already making learning a core part of your organization. Once employees are provided with their platform logins, they will realize that learning is now actively encouraged in your organization. Keep in mind to bring up your learning culture to every potential employee during the hiring process, and you can also gauge them to choose those that are eager to learn.

ICOG also makes it simpler to develop personalized learning plans and career plans, as that is in-built into the platform’s code. Every employee sees personalized content, and there are visual dashboards to provide each employee with insights into what skill gaps must be bridged to move to their next desired role.

Learning activity across the organization is visible to all employees on the platform. Management should lead by example by partaking in learning which will show up on the platform. Management can be further involved by recommending courses to their employees and staying in the loop of their employee’s learning paths. Your organization can also take advantage of ICOG’s course creation features to create relevant training programs for your employees 

ICOG provides intangible rewards in the form of badges and leaderboards, but the organization can tag onto this by using this data to offer their own tangible rewards as well. 

The sharing feature allows for knowledge to be shared amongst employees and draws employees out of their knowledge silos, thereby enabling everyone to be aware of each other’s goals and objectives.

Now imagine the endless possibilities that can be achieved by tapping into the dormant abilities in every single learner in your organization. Contact us to learn how ICOG can help you achieve a sustainable learning culture in your organization.


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