5 Ways to Engage Remote Employees with Digital Learning

ICOG - 20-May-2022

AirBnB recently made the headlines for allowing their employees to work remotely forever. With studies showing that working remotely does not lead to loss in productivity, more companies are sure to follow suit. As these companies embrace a completely remote workforce, they are facing new and surprisingly unexpected challenges. One of the most common challenges is how to ensure that remote employees are engaged. 

How to Engage Remote Employees with Digital Learning

It’s important to find ways to help your employees feel connected to your company and each other. Without the right resources and tools in place to achieve remote employee engagement, your workforce will start to feel isolated and find it harder to connect with managers who aren't physically present.

Here are 5 ways you can use digital learning tools and resources to help your remote employees stay engaged and perform at their best.


1. Make learning accessible for all employees, regardless of location or schedule.

In the past, training and L&D were often delivered in person. For many larger companies this was done through an elaborate process that involved coaches, trainers and managers meeting with employees face-to-face. That style of learning is no longer as effective as it once was. 

We live in a world where people want information when they want it, not when someone else decides they need it. Ensuring that learning is accessible for remote employees through the right channels and at the right times is key to keeping them engaged. This is especially true for employees that are looking to grow with your company and achieve internal mobility. 

2. Ensure that training is delivered consistently across the organization.

Employees want constant access to valuable resources that will make them more productive and successful. That's why it's important for companies to provide access to a variety of resources through digital learning tools such as eLearning courses, videos and tutorials. 

These resources enable employees at all levels within an organization to learn new skills quickly and efficiently, even if they work remotely. This will encourage each employee to become a more valuable contributor and increase their engagement with your company and their role.


3. Provide a personalized learning experience that takes into account individual preferences, learning styles and needs

The key to engaging remote employees is not just knowing their needs and wants but also understanding how they learn. Employees want short bursts of information instead of long lectures and courses. Digital learning provides organizations with the flexibility to deliver training whenever and wherever employees need it most. 

Learning experience platforms like ICOG provide a truly personalized learning experience. The onboarding process for this innovative LXP takes into account what topics an employee would like to learn, whether they would prefer to learn via video or audio or text content and even what time of the day they would like to learn. Each employee is able to personalize their learning journey and increase their likelihood for L&D success. 

Discover how the ICOG LXP can engage your remote employees


4) Use gamification to motivate and encourage employees

Organizations that implement learning experience platforms can benefit from gamification. This amazing digital learning feature makes learning more engaging and fun for remote workers. The idea is to reward employees for completing their training by giving them points or badges. These offer them bragging rights or can be used toward incentives, like gift cards or discounts on products or services from your company.


5) Keep communication channels open to build relationships between employees and their managers

Employees want to feel like their work matters. They want to receive feedback to ensure what they do every day has an impact on the overall success of the company. But what many companies don’t realize is that they also want to receive feedback on their L&D progress. 

Digital learning tools that feature innovative reporting dashboards, like ICOG, give your managers the opportunity to connect with employees. With right data and reports you can show each employee how their learning progress not only impacts their personal career path, but also fits into the bigger picture of what the company is accomplishing. 



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