5 Tips to Incorporate L&D into the Workday

ICOG - 24-Jun-2022

So you’ve got your learning platform set up - but that’s not enough to ensure that learning actually takes place in your organization. Your employees will have a set routine that they’ve been following, and you will need to make some conscious changes to nudge them out of their routines. 

The best way to do that is to make learning a part of your company culture, so your employees will eventually imbibe those values.

Here are 5 tips to help your employees incorporate learning and development into their workday:


1. Schedule time for learning

Show your employees that you openly encourage learning. Designate a time for your employees to learn new skills, whether it's through in-person training or online courses. As an organization, you shouldn’t always have to mandate courses for your employees to complete; sometimes leave it to them to choose what they’d like to learn.


2. Set up an office library or learning space 

Create a space where employees can engage in their learning activities, and also offer other resources that are not available via the learning platform. Create an environment that fosters growth, where people feel comfortable enough to ask questions without fear of being judged negatively. 


3. Encourage self-paced learning

While you can offer your employees the time and space to learn, also remember to encourage self-paced learning. By implementing a learning platform that is available online or via mobile, you empower your employees to learn at their convenience. You can offer incentives such as bonuses or extra vacation days for completing a certain number of courses to ensure they take advantage of your L&D program.


4. Provide mentorship opportunities

Learning doesn’t have to be a solo experience. Allow employees to learn from each other by pairing up with someone who has more experience in the field than they do. Also, encourage collaboration between departments. When employees from different departments collaborate on projects, they learn new skills and gain insights into other areas of the company's operations that they might not have otherwise been exposed to — which can be beneficial for both parties involved.


5. Make meetings more productive

Transform your meetings by incorporating learning activities into them, so that everyone benefits from what's being discussed. You can also use this time to set learning goals for yourself as well as your team members. This reiterates that learning is an essential part of the company culture.

Learning and development will not be embraced overnight - employees might feel like they are slacking off or neglecting their work responsibilities when they take time out to learn. By incorporating the tips above, you can reassure your employees that learning is encouraged and even rewarded, as the end result benefits the employee and the organization as well.


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