4 Benefits of Promoting Career Mobility

ICOG - 05-May-2022

Think back to the last time you had to fill a vacant position. Given the current labor climate, it shouldn’t have been too long ago. How did you fill in that position? Did you hire someone from outside the organization? Did you consider promoting from within?  Actually, take a step further back and reflect on why you had a vacant position. Why did that employee leave? 

The bottom line is that it affects the organization’s bottom line when an employee leaves.


4 benefits of promoting career mobility at your organization

Most roles can be filled internally if there is a career mobility plan in place. While many people believe that career mobility only means moving up, the fact is that career mobility can also happen laterally .In fact, career mobility is now being viewed as a mindset wherein mobility allows for fluid career choices.

This has led organizations to realize that promoting career mobility can help them achieve unexpected benefits. In this blog, we are discussing 4 of those benefits. 


  • Increase employee retention. It’s a huge setback for an organization when a talented employee leaves. With a plan in place, the organization can ensure there is a meaningful career path charted out for every employee. Promoting internal career mobility and growth opportunities is a great way to boost retention rates.
  • Save time and resources with less onboarding. When you fill vacant roles internally, not only can you fill the roles faster, but it’s also easier. Your current employees are aware of the organization’s expectations and can quickly get started in their new role. So the organization saves time and money through internal career mobility.
  • Maintain your company culture. Company culture is an integral part of every organization. Your current employees are likely to have this ingrained in them through years of working with the organization. While you might find an external candidate who’s a good fit on paper, it’s hard to tell if they will work in harmony with the existing culture. Promoting career mobility will help you keep your company culture intact. 
  • Revitalize stagnant talent. You hired your current employees for a good reason. So why is there an urge to look for external talent to fill in vacant positions? If you feel that your current workforce feels stagnant, then that is another pressing reason to promote career mobility. When employees are aware that there will always be opportunities for growth and development within the organization, it will inspire them to keep learning. 

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