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ICOG’s origin story

ICOG was inspired by the need for better workplace learning experience platforms. There is a dire need for the workforce to continuously build competencies and upskill in a variety of industries, yet investments in learning and development are unable to reflect the outcomes that prove the growth in knowledge. But our learning experience platform is a game-changer. Combining intelligence and cognition, we wield the power of AI to do the grunt work, while the magic of data science grants our users a seamless and personalized learning experience.

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The ICOG mission

Our mission is to transform the current, lackluster learning ecosystem into one driven by competency frameworks. We believe proactive learning empowers employees to choose what they would like to explore, thereby tapping into the natural learning potential of people. Organizations will benefit by truly moving beyond traditional learning and experience management.

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The ICOG team

Behind every successful AI-driven product is a gifted team. ICOG has established a diverse team of seasoned L&D professionals, data scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs with a deep passion for solving the new-age learner’s problem.

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Can technology modernize learning by motivating learners to develop competencies to stay relevant and fresh, over and over again?

Turns out, it can!

Explore ICOG - a truly comprehensive, end-to-end
competency building- upskilling and re-skilling


Kickstart a learning transformation today

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We are excited to have exceptional talent join our team. At ICOG, we strive to sustain an environment that appreciates differences and diversity. A global team, we understand the importance of reducing bias in all ways.

Tell us why you’re passionate about revolutionizing the learning experience and how you can contribute.

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